Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modular home?

A modular home is “stick-built” in a factory, safe from the weather, where quality and damage are much more easily controlled than at a remote home site. Loss of materials by theft or vandalism is avoided. A modular home must be built to the building code in your state. This is the same code that is followed by site-builders. The Midwestern states all base these codes on one of the model building codes, such as CABO or UBC. We have satisfied the rigorous requirements of the state for specifications and an overall quality system. Furthermore, each state reviews and approves our individual models. Finally your state requires an inspection of your home before it leaves our factory by an independent inspection agency.

Is a modular home different than a manufactured home?

Yes. A manufactured home is the legal name for what was historically referred to as a mobile home or trailer. Manufactured homes are built to the national Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Code administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. By contrast, modular homes are built to state codes, which are the same codes that apply to site-built homes. The building code for manufactured homes is very flexible and permits the use of some materials which are much less expensive than those permitted by the state modular codes. For this reason, most manufactured homes are less expensive than modular homes.

Manufactured Homes are also required by the code to have a permanently attached steel chassis, so that they can be transported to another location easily. Our modular products are delivered to your home site on a returnable modular “carrier.” The floor system of a modular product is structurally strong enough to stand on its own without a permanent steel chassis.

Do I have to put the home on a foundation to get a competitive financing?

Yes. But we also have home only financing at competitive rates for homes not on foundations.

What is the difference between a “manufactured home” and the “mobile home” of a few years ago?

The homes we sell are built to code set-up by HUD (Housing and Urban Development). They have all the same components as any home, including 2″ x 6″ exterior studs. The homes we sell meet or exceed the quality of site-built homes.

If I want to place a home on land, do I have to find the land and make a separate purchase with another payment?

No! We can help you locate the land from any real estate dealer or private land sale, handle the paperwork necessary and finance the entire package, giving you one payment! We use major lenders and mortgage brokers that specialize in manufactured homes.

Do I need a large down payment to purchase a manufactured home?

No! Our lenders will finance either the home, or a land/home package for a down payment of only 5% of the entire package. We do not charge any other fees such as credit check fees, permits, etc. The down payment is the only expense you pay.

Can I include a garage, storage building, deck, awning, etc. in the package?

Yes! Amenities including washer/dryers and many others can be included, and you’ll still have only one payment!

Do I have to take the home exactly like it is on the sales lot?

No! We can order your new home with the options and colors you want. We have the ability to modify the home to your wishes. We have hundreds of floor plans to choose from, allowing you to choose the home of your dreams, and still be able to deliver your home usually in 60 days!